Life moves pretty fast.
If you don't stop and look around once in a while,
you could miss it..
We are Noodle Media .A digital marketing & social media agency that also specializes in brand consultancy. We understand that a successful campaign needs great creative, but we also know that having a great piece of content is only just the beginning of a client's campaign journey.

Social media marketing is all about producing great creative and getting the brand message across, but it is also about distribution, building up content reach and engagement by seeding and influencing the client's campaign content to the right people, so they sit up and take notice.

Seeding and influencing is about getting content seen where people will engage and share it with other interested people and build up social reach. We have the right relationships that allow us to reach a wide range of social channels at a moment's notice and make some noise.

Social media engagement is all about grabbing attention & engagement online by as many people as possible, all at the same time.

Today's internet is an exciting place, where great things can happen (and are forgotten again) very quickly and if you manage to get noticed & talked about amongst all the chaos, then very good things come of it.

...........And that's what we do!