This place is like a museum.
It's very beautiful and very cold,
and you're not allowed to touch anything.
Placement on a popular website might please the client, but is it the right positioning for your campaign and will anyone actually see and interact with it?

Seeding a viral campaign is very much like buying space for a 96-sheet billboard campaign, in that positioning is key to influencing not only who will see it, but who will then carry the message to their peers and friends, effectively acting as your own personal brand messenger.

We target websites known for being influential, and whose content is regularly picked up by other peer websites. These are essentially portals for viral spread and brand endorsement for your campaign. A 96-sheet billboard in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean might look fantastic, but if no one sees it then it will forever just look 'nice' and nothing else!

We seed your campaign through a carefully chosen network of entertainment & lifestyle sites, social networking platforms and an ever-increasing network of quality blogs covering all verticals & interest groups that might be relevant to your campaign.

We also have long-established, close working partnerships with other networks in this medium.