Skype - Tell The World
Primary stage of Skype's 'Tell The World' campaign based around a YouTube channel. Campaign required good viral spread & intelligent seeding.
Feb 19, 2020
Campaign ¬ Tell The World
Client ¬ Skype ¬
Status ¬ Delivered
Target ¬ 120K UK Views
Yamaha - Piano Key Shuffle
Online brand and product awareness around Yamaha's new b series upright piano.
Feb 13, 2020
Campaign ¬ Yamaha b Series
Client ¬ Yamaha ¬
Status ¬ Completed
Target ¬ UK Audience
Denham - Hipster American Psycho
Promote and achieve maximum social awareness for 'Denham Psycho' a short film by Flickering Wall in tribute to the controversial cult-classic.
Dec 14, 2019
Campaign ¬ Denham Psycho
Client ¬ Flickering Wall ¬
Status ¬ Delivered
Target ¬ UK & Europe
Bose Collins - MOBIUS
Brand awareness promotion campaign for award-winning graphic design agency Bose Collins' latest showreel.
Dec 05, 2019
Campaign ¬ MOBIUS
Client ¬ Bose Collins ¬
Status ¬ Delivered
Target ¬ Global Audience
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Over the years we have worked with many major brands, gaining experience and insight into seeding best practises.

Each campaign will have its own requirements and positioning that will our require knowledge, experience and skill in forming the appropriate strategy for the clients' viral needs.

We know that every viral campaign is unique and we try to use our experience as a viral marketing agency to guide the client through to the best choice of campaign expectations.

If we feel something is not achievable, we will always tell you.

Have a look through some of our recent campaigns and see what the positioning, reach, target and project expectations were from the client.

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